An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Santa's Helper...

Alan's very own Santa's Helper, aka Elf Anna, arrived on the dot at 9am and before Alan knew what had hit him, the Christmas lights were on, the tree was lit, the Christmas music was on and he was showered, dressed and ready to embrace all the good stuff that's been happening today!  

Good fun this morning with Anna who also came armed with festive antlers (see extra photo) and flashing red nose!  Anna left at 1pm and Cameron arrived.  David popped to the local butchers to pick up a rather lovely looking beef fillet for Christmas dinner, so I can relax now I know we have dinner!

David then went to collect Alan's pal Andrew and when they returned we all had coffee and rocky road before getting organised and heading to Gleneagles to watch their Christmas Eve firework display.  

The snow started just as we arrived so the hotel looked beautifully festive as we drove along the tree lit driveway.  We were very lucky and got one of the last spaces.  David, Alan, Cameron and Andrew got out and went to find a good viewing spot with the rest of the crowds.  I opted to stay in the car with my camera.  Good call as I had a perfect, but sheltered view and the weather behaved perfectly for the duration of the fireworks, which were fantastic!  I  will add some shots to the extras when I've had time to edit them.  The gang all loved them and it was so lovely to see Alan so excited and laughing.  Things like this can be a bit hit and miss with him.

Back home now.  Alan's having his dinner then it's a takeaway for us.  David will then take Andrew home and finally be able to sit down, pour himself a well deserved drink, and snuggle on the sofa with me to watch Love Actually Die Hard :D

Hope you are all snuggled and cosy where you are and I wish all my lovely Blip Pals a very Merry Christmas.  Peace and joy to you all and remember, it''s not what's under your tree that counts, but who's around it xxxx

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