Christmas decoration

Hubby had to cover at work overnight and so when he got in I cooked bacon butties for breakfast and after packing the car we headed to my parents in Scotland.  The roads were fairly quiet but the weather was wild so it was good to arrive before dark.  

My mum's school friend has visited my parents for dinner on Christmas Eve since 1968 to see my brother and then me hang up our stockings for Santa coming.  It was really good to see her tonight as she has not been in good health these last few months and she is looking well.  

Finally last night I made time to make my pledge for BlipFuture.  It is great news that the total has made good progress this last week but so important that the momentum continues.  It is such an important part of my daily life and really hope that it is still here this time next month as life without blip is unimaginable!  

There was a short weather window with beautiful light as we headed east alongside the Roman Wall this morning but as always it was difficult to find a suitable place to stop.  Consequently my offering tonight is of a Christmas decoration.  

I did not sleep at all well last night and I can barely keep my eyes open typing this so heading to bed early.  Hope Santa is good to you all!! 

Merry Christmas!

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