By SparseRunner


Saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert  at the Playhouse tonight. I love the film, and showed the girls the drag numbers when they were very young. This made quite an impression on them, and they are now old enough to appreciate the rest of it (or start to in the case of Miss K, I hope!) so it was interesting to see the stage production. It's a lot ruder than the film but was a great show with some fine performances, although Jason Donovan was poor. But he's the "star" and puts bums on seats!

Earlier, although it was not the brightest day, it had been good to get out into the hills. [see extra] Took a long time to get going but, in the end, was quite pleased with how I was running. Lots of folk out and I gave two hillwalkers quite a fright when I passed them going down East Kip (sorry!). Chatted with an Australian as we ran from South Black Hill to Scald Law.

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