Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


and Kathy.  Rules broken: too far away or improper positioning of the subject to get away from shadows; and she wouldn't remove her sunglasses.

       Went for a walk at last.  I was feeling really poorly the past few days and I don't realize how far down in the doldrums I get until I have a day as good as today when we get out for a walk and I snap more than one desultory picture.

       Choir tonight too; and I've hammered out a few tunes.  I've been reading and managed not to spend waste fritter away (why use one word when two convey what I really do) too much time on the inter-webs by reading instead.  Usual morning watching the half hour of BBC World News/GMT that PBS gives us and Charlie Rose interviewing Sebastian Thrun on his programme aptly called Charlie Rose.  The word I was looking for is eponymous.

       Brilliant bright blue skies again.  More on Flickr.

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