Aoraki, Mt Cook

Marie and I went for a day trip around the block today, we stopped in Fairlie , Tekapo and Twizel. This is lookout at Lake Pukaki,when we arrived an Asian American Family from Michigan were having their photo taken, they can't have been too happy as they asked me if I could take some of them. They had a Nikon so I shot some portraits with his big lens and then put my good lens on his camera and shot some nice portraits for them. When they looked at the review they were very pleased, I also gave the gentleman a quick lesson on using his camera to help them get some good holiday shots.
Aoraki, Mt Cook  is the Highest Mountain in New Zealand, once the training ground of Sir Edmund Hillary it still attracts Climbers from all over the world, some tragically just like two overseas climbers this week lose their life on this unforgiving beautiful Mountain.Legend.
 As a Blipper of nearly 4 years, Blipfoto means a lot to me, rainie said to me 1 photo a day everyday and I have not missed one yet. I was amazed at the friendliness and compassion of other Blippers in times of deep sadness or hard times. Comments of support come out of the woodwork from people who some of, I have never met apart from the screen infront of me. Blipfoto is not a social media crap site like stalkbook or anything else. Blipfoto is Unique, it is a Family,of which I am proud to belong to. Blipfoto has taught me to appreciate photography which has helped me to improve my skills. My wife Marie is also a Blipper. Blipfoto has taken me from being the person who was academically Challenged to being able to construct sentences and articulate my feelings without being criticised. Blipfoto has kept me up many a night trying to capture an image and get my journal entry up.Blipfoto is a part of me and I am a part of Blipfoto. To all my followers Thank you and Bless you. Lorraine thank you so much for showing me Blipfoto. Happy New Year everyone. This is for Blipfoto 

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