Sign the Pledge!

Not an original photo - rather an edit of one I prepared earlier,  I did take a new photo today - at a grey and drizzly Baddesley Clinton - in the extra.

What do I like about Blipfoto and why is it special?  I think it comes down to the community - a word often overused but it does work with blip and blippers.  I've never had a negative comment on any of my images, only ever had thanks and assistance when I have been involved in the challenges and I have come into contact with some excellent photographers who also happen to be real people. I'm just about to meet a few of them in a blipmeet so it would be very sad indeed if the thing which is bringing us together ceases to be.   Since LostPixel introduced me to blipfoto two and a half years ago I have learned so much from this site, become involved in types of photography I never thought I would, so for myself - I very much hope that can continue.

The fab 4 deserve our support,  I understand there is much bad feeling about the polaroid link up and the liquidation, but none of that was their doing, and to simply look back in anger would be to lose a wonderful opportunity to save something we have all come to value and put it on a sustainable footing we can all benefit from.  I have made my pledge, the cost of a filter or two does not seem much of a price to pay to preserve something which has become a part of my daily life.  

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