By JanPatienceArt

My #PledgeBlipfoto Effort

Spurred on by my chum Charles Jamieson - whom I introduced to Blip - I realised I was on the backfoot with supporting the bid to crowdfund a community takeover of Blipfoto called Blipfuture.
I'm not a daily Blipper but it's been a fantastically supportive platform over the three years or so I've been a regular diarist.
I use it to think aloud about projects with which I'm involved or things which pique my interest.
It's been a creative aide memoire in so many ways and I'm not ready to say farewell.
As a words and pictures kind-of-person, it suits me down to the ground.
Out in the Blip ether, there are like-minded people I chat to on a regular basis. If we happen to meet in the actual world, there's an unspoken bond.
Today, as Charlie reminded me, Blippers have to take a photograph with the word 'blip' in it.
As Charlie writes: 'This is to remind us all that in only a few weeks we lose our sponsors (Polaroid). A handful of dedicated blippers in Edinburgh have set up a company and we can now buy shares in the Blip community. If we reach the desired total then Blipfoto will continue. If we fail then the site will simply disappear.'
Let's hope this doesn't happen. I'll be adding my tuppence worth.
I've cobbled this picture together as have just come in from family Ne'er Day get together.
Happy New Year Blippers!
Lang may our collective lum reek!

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