Off Centre

By RachelCarter

Blip Future

Blipfoto is the reason - the catalyst - for me becoming a keen amateur photographer. I went from taking a passing interest in daily journaling with a shaky snapshot on a crappy phone to getting a decent camera and thinking carefully about what I'm doing, and more recently having the confidence to display my own photos on the walls in our home. I've noticed a huge improvement in just a few short years, and the satisfaction has been immense. It's a brilliant and unique community and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
But, sadly, Blipfoto is in trouble and its future is uncertain - as is the safe-keeping of all our journals, photos and histories.
Here's what the Blip Future team have to say:
"An incredible opportunity is being presented to anyone who loves Blipfoto. You can be a part of the next chapter in Blipfoto’s journey. You can help secure its future and at the same time influence what happens on the site. It’s within your gift.

Every day thousands of ordinary people upload a photographic glimpse into their lives. 5 million days of human life are saved from over 150 countries. People sharing real and personal stories, creating a collective human history. This puts a unique lens on the world and has built an extraordinary community, where strangers become friends.

However, without your help this community cannot continue. The current owners do not intend to support the running costs of the site for much longer.

Blipfoto is being offered to its members past, present (and future) and to those who love what we do, to buy and take into community ownership."

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