By Peahen


Today I went back to Imber. I'm not 100% happy with the "place" shots I did there, and the roads close again on Monday morning at 8 until Easter. Tomorrow's forecast is heavy rain, so it had to be today. The place was absolutely heaving with people. I wanted to photograph some of the gaps/holes there, but it was a challenge as either adults or children kept appearing in them. This is a shot into, and out of, the old village pub. You can see the back of one of the "DANGER" signs too.
I also walked to the Baptist graveyard. It's hugely overgrown, and it was quite surreal to be surrounded by headstones, barbed wire, and "Danger! Unexploded Military Debris!" signs. The school run on Tuesday is going to seem very pedestrian by comparison. Flippancy aside, it was sad to think of all those people whose relatives' graves are now in the centre of a firing range and inaccessible for most of the year.

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