Hand Treats

I received these gorgeous handbag sized handcreams for my 'Secret Santa' present at work.  My colleague knows me well as my hands gets so dry with constantly washing and using alcohol gel at work and I always have a tube of hand cream in my bag to apply liberally.  Not usually as posh as these though!  

Hubby and I went to a spin class at the gym this morning.  I had a tickly cough when I woke up and by the time I got home from the gym I felt really ropey.  Had an easy afternoon and have cried off the photography club tonight to stay in by the fire.  Hoping it's short lived.  

The extra which I initially forgot to upload, is of Rosie who true to form after yesterday's adventure with the shoe box took to lying 'sheltering' under an umbrella which was drying out in the hall!

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