The Saga of the new TV

My Mum has had several falls this week and in one of them managed to break her tv by cracking the screen, break 2 pictures and dislodge one of the wardrobe doors... so yesterday we ordered a new TV and wall brackets as I thought it might be safer to have it on the wall. The TV arrived at the home but the brackets were coming to my address it transpired, I also had a large clock I ordered for her and a special drinking cup with handles which arrived today so I decided to go down there and get it all sorted. 
I met the maintenance man on my way in painting a wall and told him what needed doing, he appeared with an assistant about an hour later, Mummy and I went to the dining room for tea so he could get on with his drilling, he announced that we needed a male to male cable as the last one had been a male to female. I reminded him that the clock also needed putting up which he did and the carers got my Mum ready and off we went to buy the cable, a radio Times, look for make up which we didn't find and some groceries... everything takes a long time with my Mum, she wants to talk to me while we are walking along so I have to keep stopping and crouching down so I can hear her and try to understand her, she has no awareness of where we are it seems and often tries to speak to me when we are crossing roads and by the time we are on the pavement again she has forgotten what she wanted to say...... anyway.... we got back about 4.50 and the maintenance team could not be found and they clock off at 5, determined to get the TV working I hunted for the remote which was in the box WITH THE B****Y CABLE which I had gone to so much trouble to buy a duplicate of... I then had to take the TV off the wall to get the cable in and then set up the channels etc.... (don't tell Max I did Man's work). Then I carried the old TV and the packaging out of her room to the office so it wouldn't be in her way and arranged some of her photos on her table under the TV for her.
So at about 5.30 I left Mummy eating supper with Norman, what a Godsend he is!
The really good thing is that she seemed much more alert today as you can see from her face in this picture.
My Dad has a trapped nerve in his neck and a very bad cold is is not at all happy so I finally got around to calling him at 7.
Dinner is ready! Hurrah!

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