Boat Hull Abstract

7.0C with heavy rain through the night and all morning. Through the afternoon the rain became lighter and eventually stopped. SE Wind to 28 mph with gusts to 44 mph through the night and all day until moderating through the afternoon. On Radio Scotland I have been listening to reports of roads closed and floods inland from here. Inland Angus and further north in Aberdenshire seems to be a world of water.

Another noisy night thanks to the wind direction. Maeve the Deerhound was very unsettled again. Thinking she needed to go out I got up after midnight, got dressed and took her for a short walk. When we got back (not too wet) Maeve went into her quiet room (otherwise known as my office/computer room) and I decided to let her stay there thinking she would wander upstairs to her bed when she wanted to. She didn't come upstairs all night and seemed contented when I came down before 7am. That is a first.

Very heavy rain all morning so I wasn't hopeful of getting a walk at all today. However, after lunch the rain was easing. Not long after 2pm I got ready to go for a walk. I put Maeve's coat on and we went out. Still raining. At the corner I looked down the road to the shore and could see that water was pouring off the field again so I walked Maeve far enough for her to do what needed to be done then took her home.

I went for a walk. The soundtrack to the film Local Hero on the Nano. I went down the road to the shore. The water was pouring off the field just below the electricity substation again and for two or three hundred yards the road was an inch or two deep in running water until the drains could finally take the volume that was coming off the field. The earth 'dam' was keeping the water away from the substation.

I went along the shore road and over the road bridge over the railway to Westhaven and wandered along to the small hollow in the grass bank at the back of the beach just to the right of the car park where there are a couple of abandoned dinghies. The wind has half turned over the dinghy with the pebbles jammed into the keel. From a few 1:1 format shots I have constructed another boat hull abstract for Abstract Thursday.

I took yet another shot looking out to sea from beside the car park. The tide was on the way out. The sea wasn't as rough as it has been but there were still plenty of waves. I came back over the road bridge over the railway then carried on round in a long loop heading into Carnoustie and up the main road before turning along for home.

DMC-LX7 f/1.6 1/100 sec. ISO-80 5mm (35mm focal length 29mm)

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