Flower Friday 8

Another scorcher today with thunder and lightning at one stage but it has cooled down earlier tonight and is only 24 at the moment (11pm) which is a bit of a relief!

We walked after the sun went down again and I found this lovely flower and buds on one stem on the ground near the garden centre close by. Must have laid there all day and was very dry so I put it in cool water with some flower crystals and within the hour it had revived and looked quite beautiful for Flower Friday! Not sure what sort of flower it is.

Its been a tragic day in the south as the bushfires continue to rage out of control. One small town - Yarloop, has been completely lost and other towns are under threat.

Late today the fire had reached two suburbs in the outer metropolitan area. The firefighters have managed to get those areas under some control but if the wind picks up again they are talking of evacuating those suburbs! Quite frightening to think what could happen if that did take hold!!!

Thanks to Anni (Biker Bear) for keeping Flower Friday alive! ::o)xx

I've added in an extra of the very last gasp of the sunset tonight. The storm clouds were slipping away to the south and we could finally see the edge of the storm front, incredible sight!

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