hot (not cold)

8:30am and about to leave the shower room at work.

Cycled in on the Boardman today. It's back. With a natty new white read calliper on the brakes and a bled and working front calliper. We'll see how they bed in in the week ahead.

Work was a little scattergun - a smattering of snax - but the cycle home was rapid with a tailwind and a target. Get home, make food and let Mrs theWeir get out to work.

All done and successfully topped off by going for a bike ride with the weeWeir. Yep. She was on her bike and I was on mine. First time for that particular combo and there's little else to do by smile and be grateful. She covered 1.5 miles. She's on a 10-wheeled bike and four years old.

Just brilliant.

A little bedtime routine fun and then I caught up on some work email and now some blips.

It's been a good week so far. Tomorrow looks like lots of fun. But it will take care of itself.

We have right here. And right now.

Which is also just brilliant.


The hairdryer at work only blows hot air. Like a great many people and things.

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