A Sad Story inadvertently told by Esme

.................we heard the wakey wakey call quite late about 9 am when the rest of the household had gone.  I read her a book about the rude pig which I think she didn't want to hear too much about !!!! After she had smeared my best face cream on her face while my back was turned we went in to her room where she picked up a new Doll which she had named Gaga ! she made up this story where princess Gaga had to get on horseback to save her "Grandfather", not Granddad you will notice. The princess rode to the castle and tried to save her Grandfather but he had died so she was unable to save him. But the princess got a new Granddad.................................I wondered where that story came from and I thought it was from a cartoon that I didn't know. I asked Mummy later and Mummy twigged that it was because last night one of them had asked why they didn't have another Granddad and the parents had to say that he was very ill and that's why he had to die. Unfortunately Siobhan's Dad did die from Cancer just before Esme's Mummy and Daddy got married so she realised there was a big hole in her life and is trying to make sense of it in a tale of princesses, horses and valour.
The photo is when she told me the story. I'm sure if I had suggested anything different I would have been put right.

Later I took her for a ride on her balancing bike although the weather was rotten. We had a turn in the garden too planting bulbs that had come up to the surface. She now knows which way to plant them and even took an interest in Granny's book of bulbs. 

Cian came home with Granddad, the only one they have and he was exhausted from his group  having won a Jammy dodgers tea party for the afternoon. He really wanted to impress Granddad with a new track and car display but he was so tired he got angry that the pieces weren't fitting in and Esme was quietly making a circuit near him. However he quietened down when he got a bit of peace and came down for a chat. We talked about Disneyland in Paris and how maybe the parents might take them there one day and that he hadn't been to even Lego land up till now ???? Granddad told him how he had built (actually worked on parts of) Disneyland and the second shot is a picture of Cian's face when he said that.

I'm hoping to learn how to make a Giff now. Better hurry before the 
11 pm curfew.

Today, sadly was the day that David Bowie died from liver cancer. So many good songs I cant pick one for you to listen to. I was shocked and so were many others. Especially as we were the same age.......................

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