High Paris Panorama ...

... from the 7th floor!  We visited friends on the 6th floor in our building today, for the first time, just at sunset. They have a duplex, with most of their living space on the 7th floor--with a long, wrap-around terrace.* This panorama merges three horizontal images.  I was thrilled to be able to shoot from three floors above our 4th floor windows.

For comparison, here's  a view from our level,  and a part of this image is actually included in my cloud blip of three days ago.

*The terrace extends around the corner of the Rue des Peupliers (we're #10) and the short Passage Foubert. It's at the very top of this blip of our building (from last year--this is an edit).  We're in Paris 13th, about ten minutes from the Place d'Italie; the highest buildings are on the near edge of Chinatown.

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