By D77

Geekay Games

A new mall has opened up in Muscat, which is big news believe me!

Inside, there is (I can barely contain my excitement, seriously!) a proper videogame shop called Geekay Games.

It's the equivalent of 'Game' back in the UK and is the first of it's kind in Oman. Prior to this shop opening, videogame needs were met by small Indian run establishments who deal primarily in chipping, modifying, copying and other extremely illegal acts of piracy. PS2s, Wiis and Xboxes all come modified (nullifying the warranty naturally) so that cheap-ass Omanis can buy all the games (copied, of course) they want for a couple of quid.

I won't get into how I feel about videogame piracy here (suffice to say, I don't approve).

This shop is a breath of fresh air for avid gamers like me. It has all the new releases (both PAL and NTSC) and I can order anything I want from Dubai if it's not in stock. The main imports we get here are American which has the added benefit of being released much earlier than in the UK.

Today I picked a copy of 'Ninja Town' for my Nintendo DS which I've read good things about. The only problem is that Larissa is currently hogging the DS with Picross so I'll be sticking to Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition for the moment which is, in a word, genius!

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