No Kites, No Stars

This was not what was planned!
We set off this morning with the intention of driving across to the North East to see Red Kites, then up to Kielder, where we had a booking for an Observatory Dark Skies event. We were going to stay the night in a local hotel and then meander home the following day (all part of Gordon's Christmas present).
We knew we could not rely on having clear skies, but that is a chance you take. However, a forecast of heavy snow made us more than a little concerned as we set off. Then, on the way, I got a phone call - event cancelled. A disappointment, but a relief in the circumstances.   
So we returned home via St John Lee Church, Waitrose in Hexham and a walk along the Wall to make the most of the sunshine before the rain/sleet/snow arrived. (And someone is celebrating with a picture taken there - not with the backblip he forgot to post!!)
St John Lee is a lovely little church in the middle of nowhere. One side of Gordon's family were closely connected with the church and there are several gravestones belonging to them. I took a number of photos of these today, as the older ones (his great grandparents) are deteriorating quite badly.
This picture has nothing to do with any of the above! This is a rather beautiful window in the church of St John Lee. It depicts Oswald, Edwin and Oswiu - all part of the history of Northumbria during the Dark Ages. The extra picture is a close up of the section of the window showing St Oswald raising a cross at Heavenfield, which is just a short distance from the church. There will probably be a lot more about Oswald later, as I read another Max Adams book - The King of the North: The life and times of Oswald of Northumbria.

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