Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

88 Sunset

This is probably my favourite image that I've taken. It's so full of contrasts and lots of things I love about it.

My sister messaged me and said she wanted a picture of Morgan Lewis Windmill on the North East of Barbados; the island is only 19 miles long by 14 wide and the 30 minute journey took us over two hours. It backed up science that women can't read maps and that sat. nav's are marriage savers. It was after 5pm when we left there.

On driving past Carlisle Bay near our hotel, I saw the sun was setting on the horizon. I swung the car in and grabbed my camera. I saw these two ladies approaching and had a fraction of a second to frame them. I only managed one shot - the one I've posted is straight out of camera. The others I took of just the boats were fine but I'm so glad I acted on instinct to take the '88' one. I've named it after the Bingo name for 'two fat ladies'.

The Morgan Lewis windmill is the extra.

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