live and love your life

By Chocolatelover

Hey bro cousin..

Happy wedding to you! Wishing you both have many happy years together..

Had an eventful day. Started the day at 4.30 am, went to my cousin's house at 5.15am then headed to his fiancee's house. They officially became husband and wife at 8 am. Congrats to you both! I'm so happy for you all!

As usual, everytime there's a wedding party, my family*aunty uncle or everyone* always ask me, when will you follow them? Uhuk.. When oh when? Maybe next year? Oh well, we'll see... :))

After his wedding, A asked me to go to his friend's wedding in the evening, so here i go, from one wedding party to another wedding party. Got a very full tummy. :))

Have a wonderful day all! Enjoy your weekend! x

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