Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Good morning

This is the sight that greeted me this morning. The local fisherman go out overnight using their tiny boats and seine nets. In the morning, the local Fisher folk gather around, welcome the boat back and pull in the net. There are usually around 15-20 folk on each of the two net ropes pulling in. It can take upwards of an hour to get the net in, the catch is then given to someone, often a woman, to take to the market to sell.
It's a noisy business with the men chanting rhythmically as they pull in the net with 'organisers' shouting instructions as they go. By the time the net, with its pitifully small catch, is in they have usually gathered a crowd of around 100 people, tourists and locals alike.
It's an improvement on 10 years ago mind you. Then they used to drop depth charges out at sea to stun the fish so they could gather them more easily when they came to the surface. You could see the explosions on the night skyline from the shore. Better catch then though, they would add the stunned fish to the net at the last minute as they pulled it in. That's banned now.

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