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Smokey 1459 hr (Saturday 16th January 2016)

It's another Smokey shot I'm afraid, taken in the kitchen.

17.1.2016 (1047 hr)

Blip #1740 (#1990 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #007
Day #2120
Smokey #323
LOTD #974 (#1098 including archived blips)

Smokey series
Abstracts And Experiments series

Taken with Lumix DMC-LX100

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy (recorded live, 28 November 1995, Later With Jools Holland)
One of my favourite Bowie albums is 1. Outside,  the last one on which he collaborated with Brian Eno, and recorded between May 1994 and February 1995 in Montreaux.
It was a concept album, as explained in this Wikipedia page, Different songs are sung as by various characters, with Hallo Spaceboy being as the character Paddy. A different version, remixed by the Pet Shop Boys, came out as a single in 1996 but this is performed in much the same arrangement as that on the album. The band on this performance includes Carlos Alomar on guitar and Sterling Campbell on drums as on the album, but the bass player is Gail Ann Dorsey, a long-standing band member right up to his death.
This concludes a week of Bowie-related LOTD's in the wake of his unexpected passing.

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