Fishermen of Spain

The cold spell anticipated has arrived.   A calm cold start to the day, with a watery sun trying to get out.   It has remained cold all day.

Last night at the Restaurant where we were having our curry, the Choral Director called in for some cigarettes from the vending machine (I know not a good example for singers!)   However, it transpired that the Choir was singing in the Church in Dalias a village 18 km inland this morning, so he made arrangements to get a lift there.   Had I had more notice it would have been a great blip opportunity - but another time.

So I dropped him off and it was too early to meet our friends for coffee so I had a stroll on the beach first.   These fisherment were there at 8 o'clock this morning as I walked Holly.   I think they must have been there since last night as they were shedding their sleeping bags etc.   Very dedicated.   I hope they caught something for dinner.

After coffee I drove over towards the other end of Almerimar to see what was about.   Lots of people on the proms, and on bicycle over at Guardias Viejas.   I took some photos but liked this best.

Sunday is a real family day in Spain, strolling, having breakfast, drinks and tapas, lunch etc.   The place comes alive then.

While I was having lunch at home a Cruise Ship went by, really close to the shore, closer than they usually do.   It was not huge so expect the depth was OK for it.   It probably had come from Almeria on it's way to Malaga.

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