Toulmin 21

The highlight of our day was a trip to the ice rink to watch Manchester Storm play Edinburgh Capitals.  Our motivation to be there was to cheer on my second cousin Grant (son of my cousins who live in Toronto). It is the first time that I have ever watched a live game of ice hockey so I didn't really expect to understand much, but fortunately we had ArcLight with us (as well as AlfThomas) to help explain what was going on.

I could write an essay about the whole experience. However, I'll limit myself to highlighting one aspect of the evening that I found most peculiar. It is a very odd feeling to be sitting in the midst of very noisy hockey-mad Mancunians, many of whom are dressed in replica shirts that sport your mother's (unusual) maiden name.

Exercise today: usual weekend running route to Leith and back with W in 50'33" plus 6,717 steps.

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