One Tree Hill

We had a dusting of snow overnight so I went to Lodge Farm to get some landscape shots but kept a keen eye out for wildlife.

As I passed the farm house I could hear unfamiliar cheeping. (No little-bit-of-bread-and-no-------cheese.) I was absolutely delighted to discover that it was a flock of yellowhammers. I haven't seen one since I was a child. They are on the RSPB Red List, red is the highest conservation priority. I think they might have been attracted by a spillage of grain. I noticed a trail all the way from the grain store to the road exiting the farm. Unfortunately the birds were a way off so my pics are not good enough to Blip. I've put a pic in extras. 

I saw the fieldfares again and fell down a ditch whilst trying to capture one that had come close. I got my conventional landscapes but have decided to post the above as the lone tree way in the distance against the pattern of snow-covered tractor tracks and furrows caught my attention.

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