One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Prise de tête

No, Jim, it is not really happening. You are dreaming. It is that recurring dream you have. The one that keeps coming back. Every Monday morning. When you dream that it is Monday morning. But it is not Monday morning. It is just that dream. That bad, recurring dream. You are going to wake up Jim. And it will no longer be Monday morning. You are going to wake up and it will be Friday night. In the pub. With your mates. And there will be much merriment. You will wake up and it will be Friday night... but... but... you don't sleep on Friday nights. So... so... you can't wake up on Friday night... What is happening? You are sleeping. You are sleeping and you are having a bad dream. Fitful sleep usually brings bad dreams. You usually have fitful sleep on the train. Especially on Monday mornings. Oh shite. You are dreaming that it is Monday morning, because it is Monday morning. Oh bollix, you are going to wake up any moment now... and it will be... it will be... oh shite... it will be Monday morning

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