Wootton Wawen

My last trip to the Midlands on family business prior to my father's funeral was disastrously unsuccessful. Due to a series of misunderstandings an estate agent had locked us out of Dad's former home, and, as it was a Sunday they could not be contacted and there were no locksmiths available. I ended up back at home after over five hours of driving time and three and a half frustrating hours trying to break in, and without accomplishing anything I had gone up for.

The only plus was that I had broken the journey up by doing a variety of things. I had stopped at Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds, and then driven up a variety of scenic unnamed roads, passing through charming villages like Chipping Camden and stopping at Welford-upon-Avon for a coffee by the river at the bridge (you can see a tufted duck in the picture).

I wanted to explore the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal, one I hadn't discovered until earlier this year, so I walked along the towpaths a little at Wilmcote in Warwickshire and at Wootton Wawen, where an aquaduct crosses the main road just by the Navigation Inn. Here the towpath is at the level of the canal bottom.

I spent some time there looking at the Anglo Welsh boats that are moored for hire there, and at the canalside garden patches, tended by boaters who live on the boats, and the attendant ducks. In the blipped picture you can just see a small footbridge in the distance, especially in Large.


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Batsford Arboretum #1
Batsford Arboretum #2
Five O'Clock (Wilmcote)
The Canal At Wootton Wawen #1
The Canal At Wootton Wawen #2

Lenses: Pentax 17-70mm

A Day Trip To The Midlands, 1 July 2012 (Flickr album of 69 images)

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