My life fragments 2019

By MrsLinda

Remembering Pakistan

Today there was a mourning in Pakistan for the teachers, students, and police force victims of the attack on Bacha Khan University. The news brought me back to year 2001 when we went through Pakistan on our way to and from India over land.
We had some good and bad moments in Pakistan. We were stolen some money by the hotel staff in Lahore but there were several cases demonstrating hospitality and friendliness of local people. One of these being caught in the photo.

Two Pakistani businessmen took us to a cloth shop and to a tailor in Quetta and had us made proper Pakistani male and female attire of salwar and kameez. We still possess these sets and they accompanied us on our several trips to India.

Interestingly we came home from this life journey on September 10th, 2001 to see the world turn upside down.

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