D'aicí enfòra

By chaiselongue

Bel air lunch

One of our favourite events of the summer is usually the fête vigneronne at Faugères with tastings provided of some of our favourite wines and usually a good lunch served under the shade of the plane trees to enjoy after wandering around the stalls in the narrow streets. When we arrived and went to buy our wine glasses - as is usual on these occasions you buy a wine glass to take around with you and use for tasting - there was a big disappointment....no meal this year! Now I know that some think I have rather a lot of very good meals, but what else is one to do at midday when the temperature is 30 C, but sit in the shade and enjoy a leisurely lunch until the sun moves across the sky and the air becomes a bit cooler? Luckily the café on the outskirts of the village saved the day and provided a sangria apéritif, delicious food (even if it was our second gardiane de taureau of the weekend), a scrumptious pèche melba made with fresh nectarines and a bottle of Haut Lignières red wine made just across the road from our table.

We brought home some Picholine olive oil from a new producer near Abeilhan and some walnut bread from the stalls in the village.

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