Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

morning - coffee or oj
at a windowside table
work made easier

Do you ever work in cafés? I've read and written in them, in the past. It's a wonderful feeling. I'm getting this feeling again as I'm reading Patti Smith's M Train.

Note: "Le Zinc" is slang for "the bar", the actual piece of furniture against which one can lean if they've had a few too many, because the countertop used to be made of... wait for it... zinc!

Today was "thank you day" at work, sending emails to the various speakers of yesterday's big day.

I predict a rather lazy weekend... :-) We have Treme to polish off, then a few other things we want to see: Wim Wender's Salt of the Earth film about Sebastião Salgado (one of J.'s Christmas gifts to me), Velvet Goldmine, Gone Girl, Whiplash... And/or, if we feel adventurous, we might even go to an actual cinema to watch Carol or The Danish Girl.


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