Gulls under Thanet

I went to see John at Margate. He was distressed and disoriented. His beard had gone and there was a wild, unfocussed look in his eyes. I found it pretty distressing as he called out incessantly for water. He eventually recognised me and held my arm tight. He's struggling to understand what has happened to him.

The stroke 'spread' after its initial occurence. The woman in charge thought he had turned a corner but it looked to me like he was cornering on two wheels and in danger of flipping over. I fed him this horrible thickened tea. He appreciated it and then called for more.

I felt an overwhelming sense of nausea. Not sure if that was squeamishness or my body somehow refusing to want to register his decline.

I stopped at the big new Sainsbury at the Isle of Thanet's shopping centre. It was reassuring to be surrounded by solid food. I bought a lot and filled the tank with diesel - at 98p a litre.

The shop was closing and the car park emptied as I came out. Later the fog rolled back in. The gulls are from a different shot merged into the rather boring car park one.

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