Cracking Up ...

... over a pint

A flying visit up north from Roam with his good mate Tom, to take in the Leeds v Bristol City match today. Tom is a City supporter, so having driven up together, on getting to the ground they split up to sit amongst their respective groups of fans. It's a funny thing this sport! Apparently it was a terrible game, Leeds winning with a solitary goal. I felt very sorry for poor Tom.

It was fun watching these two enjoy a bit of banter. They were discussing the reverse match earlier in the season when Leeds were cruising to a 2-0 victory before conceding two goals in the last couple of minutes. Tom said he had never seen Roam so angry. I can believe it. It's not a pretty sight. It's one reason why I stopped watching football matches with him. I once made the mistake, after a particularly bad defeat, to utter the words, "it's only a game, mate." Never again!! 

The swelling has gone down and I'm no longer in so much pain getting about. Still not good to sit still for too long though, but it's progress!

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