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Almost There

Posted by Blip Central on behalf of Blipfuture CIC
You’ve done it!
And that is the truth of it because for all of our efforts behind the scenes at Blipfuture, it is the Blipfoto community that has stepped up to be counted.  After announcing the new deal last week, the total in the crowd fund has risen to over £133,500, from almost 1,300 people.  Very few people have cancelled their pledges and in some instances this was only because of the timing of the withdrawal of money and they intend to re-pledge before the end of the crowd fund. 
With the new target and business plan, which have been possible thanks to the deal we were able to negotiate with the owners, emails will be sent out today to everyone that has pledged to confirm we are about to collect money.  We are immensely proud to be members of this amazing community.  Thank you for your support, we now have the opportunity to look forward to many more years of Blipfoto.  The journey continues.
Over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on the mechanics of the transfer, collecting the pledges, finalising the purchase agreement and formally taking over the site.  One of our first tasks will be to remove the Polaroid related branding from the website and mobile apps.  We hope to have that completed by the end of February.
We are already preparing the way for consultation with the community and most important amongst these will be how we set up membership subscriptions to ensure Blipfoto is sustainable in the long term.  Many of you have already made comments in response to our blogs, or through the other social media channels.  Thanks to that we have been able to start the design of a questionnaire for the whole community using the ideas that have been mentioned.
We have also been recording offers of assistance and people willing to volunteer to support the site’s operation.  It has been really wonderful to receive these offers and as soon as we have completed the most essential tasks around the purchase we will be getting back to you with more information. There is a lot for us to be doing over the next few weeks, so bear with us.
Don’t forget that even though we will shortly be collecting pledges made so far, you still have until 1st March to buy shares or donate.  Every penny we receive now strengthens the community and allows us to do more.   We have provided a dedicated page on Blipfoto on how you can pledge or donate via Paypal.
Again, a massive pat on the back to everyone who has got involved for what has been achieved. Thank you.

p.s. sorry for the glitch in date on the original post of this entry 

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