By atoll

Useful Dave's Dolphin Blowhole

Useful Dave is beginning to really come good down at Bristol's Floating Harbour, where he is working on friend Martin's yacht Betty Blue to get it ready for it's inaugural sail down to Dartmouth.

He was asked if he could fit a porthole in the washboard of the access companionway (to let in daylight). He not only obliged, but carved a dolphin detail into it as well. This was a gift for Martin's son Joe who has always had a passion for them ever since he was a kid. Detail picture of Useful Dave and Joe with it it fitted neatly in place on Blipofolio here.

You will see Useful Dave's ever-present liccorice roll-up in hand. I hear Martin has now bought him a stash of tobacco, so the used tea-bags are safe for now.

Dave is coming on the trip with us, so really looking forward to spending some time with him. What a lovely eccentric character.

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