April 14 1865

This is the front door nob of the Surratt House in Clinton Md. John Wilks Booth the assassin of Abraham Lincoln 16 th president of the USA stopped here at the house of Mrs. Surratt to secure ammunition on the night of April 14 1865. He rode on to "T.B." and then to Dr. Mudd's house who set his broken leg. Mary Surratt was arrested, tried, and convicted as a conspirator. Then hanged. She was the first woman ever executed by the US government.
We stopped by here after a Dr. appointment today but they were closed due to the snow storm last weekend so my only picture today turned out to be this door nob. Plan to visit again if we are ever in the area. Posterized this to give something very boring a little interest.
 Long day I'm glad to be home.

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