By deanna_pearce

Can't a fellow bath in peace?

Had a lovely morning we all met for Breakfast at Turnberries - Amanda and Mr T, Sarah, Mark, EM and L and Nora our next door neighbour.  We celebrated 3 Birthdays - mine belatedly on the  13th Jan, Sarah for the 5th Feb and L for the 10th Feb.  The breakfast was good and we arrived at 9.00 and left just after 11.00.  The girls were very good and we gave them each a bear that was designed to be coloured by them and was washable - to avoid any trouble we got them both the same bear.  L opened her birthday presents early but at only nearly two I don't suppose she was worried about the date.  We had such a good breakfast we didn't need lunch.
When we got home and we looked out the bedroom window Mr Blackbird was having his bath so this was taken through the window.  He certainly didn't want to share as he chased another blackbird away.
Beautiful  day and have done loads of holiday washing and now blowing in the wind 

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