I was drawn to the reservoir from the other side today.  It was completely still.  Peaceful and tranquil.  This sweeping mist drifted beautifully over the moors a short while later and I was tempted round another circuit in the fog before heading home.

The recent deaths of celebrities have been sad but Terry Wogan’s is the one that seemed to hit both of us way more than anyone else.  We went over to mum and dad’s last night and enjoyed a lovely meal and chat with them. This morning, dad spotted the breaking news.  My instant thought was how many generations he’s impacted in some form or another.  How many corners he’s brightened for so many different reasons.  

We listened to his show, hosted this morning by Richard Madeley, and he played track after track of evocative music that took us so instantly back to him accompanying us to work in the mornings for well over 10 years.  

"I don't see eight million listeners. I see them as individuals - the man listening in his lorry, the woman getting her children ready for school, the husband in his car.”  

And the girl heading to work in the dark.  
Terry’s Young Geezer.

That was me.

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