Mono Monday: "Lux" - Laser Writing

Today's Mono-Monday challenge is "Lux" (or "Light").

As you can see, this is a laser pen writing with light.

The light writing was done on a white board in a darkened room, photographed using a long exposure. It was then pasted onto a suitable background in Photoshop and warped to produce the correct perspective (well, almost! - it's not easy).

The photo of the hand was then added and suitably cropped and angled.

The "laser beam" itself was a cheat - added afterwards by drawing it in. (I'd pondered trying to get it all in one photo, using smoke to make the laser beam visible, but decided that was too tricky - and hazardous to my health!!)   :)

Many thanks to MrsLinda for taking on the supervision of Mono-Monday this month.

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