Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I had thought today might produce Storm Henry photos, but as the winds were gusting more or less from the West, I could see most of the sea being driven away from us - it was only when I looked through binoculars that I could see the wildness in mid-Firth - and a few knocked-over wheelie bins didn't seem much of a thing. So I stopped looking for drama, and on the way home from the pool (I had worried slightly that it might have lost its roof - it did before - but it was fine) I looked up instead.

This wall, behind the car park near the pool, near the new flats where the Harmony Hotel used to stand (Bed and Breakfast by the hour), is typical of the older parts of Dunoon. You can make out the shape where a pitched roof has abutted onto the taller building with the boarded-up dormer window, and below the brick building that has replaced it is a very much older, massive stone wall. There is a mysterious chimney, and an even more mysterious blue door leading into vacancy. 

So much unknown history ... perhaps someone, some day, will fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

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