Friday Foto

By drmackem



Above dog who somehow has become a cohabitee  and one day a week goes in to paid dog care. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement as she loves it, gets long walks on the moor with her doggy friends and gets to lounge around in someone else's house and play in their garden. She is equally enthusiastic when we drop her off as she is when we arrive to pick her up. 
Why am I telling you this? well all was going swimmingly until a few months ago when I arrived to pick her up one evening, and the lady of Mutlins (our name for the arrangement not theirs) was out and the gentleman of the establishment on opening the door shouted back into the house "Daisy, Daddy's here"........ Daddy!?!. - No one before or since has dared!

Anyway last week after the necessary prelude to these things DM had a scan and is with pups. Some casual remark on FB about my impending grandfatherhood has caused all kinds of misunderstandings.

So for the avoidance of doubt, I am not about to become a grandfather, but the dog is soon to have pups.

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