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We've Got the Money...........

Posted on Blip Central on behalf of Blipfuture CIC

We wanted to let you to know as soon as we could that the collection of money from pledges and donations via PayPal has just passed the target of £120,000.  We offer a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped.  Give yourselves a collective pat on the back for we can now go ahead and complete the purchase from the current owners.

You may have noticed a change in the total on the crowd funding site for the amount pledged.  This reflects some re-calculation when the process of collecting the money took place.  This was due to one of the following reasons:

Cases where the request for payment was declined by the pledger's bank.  We have been contacting those affected to make arrangements to collect the money again but it has meant we needed to cancel their original pledge payments.  Many of the people affected have already re-pledged.

Or where the decision to collect the money early and before the end of the crowd funding period came at an inconvenient time for people.  In this case we have cancelled those pledges and people can re-pledge any time up to the end of the crowd funding period.

Other cancellation reasons include a change of heart in response to the new business plan, changed personal circumstances or errors in pledging originally (for example, multiple pledges).

If you have not already done so, it's still not too late to pledge or donate.  Every little helps.

 Again, thank you for your fantastic support.  The Blipfoto journey continues.

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