Cruising the Chilean Coast

A sea day today, as we continue our journey southwards down the long Chilean coastline.

I took this photograph early this morning, just as the sun was breaking through the cloud cover, making beautiful rays pointing down to the water.

Yesterday evening, we were "treated" to another display of rude and boorish behaviour by some people who came aboard in Lima.  We were enjoying cocktails up in the Observation Lounge with some newly made friends Peter and Diane, when the setting sun began to blind Diane through the windows.  She politely asked the two couples sitting behind us if they would mind lowering their shade a little, and one of the women retorted:  "I have the cure for your problem.  Turn your head, and look over towards the bar.  Is the sun bothering you now?"  When Diane said "No", the woman nastily replied "Good, then keep looking that way."  Honestly ... why are people so nasty sometimes?

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