Flower Friday 05

These stunning red flowers are becoming a popular street flower. I can't remember the name but a while back I did see them in the local garden centre and took a shot of the name for future reference....do you think I can find it, no, it's lost amongst so many photos in my phone!!! :o)

If you've got a minute have a look at my extra today. Two pigeons were disturbed by me sneaking up on them while they were having their bath in the limited water in the fountain. They looked at me with contempt as if to say how dare you!! ;o)). Loved the bokehed motor bike in the background!

We're heading into a serious heatwave, practically a whole week of close to 40c every day!!!!
Check out the forecast at the Bureau of Meteorology.......aargh!!! http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/perth.shtml

Big thanks to Anni of Biker Bear for keeping Friday for the Flowers! :o)x

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