Dash up North

A day and bit up in the North East, the initial intention was to see Mum, but hopefully see sister and niece as well as daughter and son in law to be, then I arrange to buy a new car as well at the same time.

Any way new car was way too much baiting and switching, so I smiled politely and left the building, no harm done.

And I get an excited phone call from daughter, "can you come now to look at a house we'd like to buy", so I did, and then again today and the game is as they say afoot. (it would be such a lovely place for them to start married life together). I've loved watching them both since engagement working as a team and working out how to work as a team, listening to them look and talk about this house is to watch them think much more about home and welcome and relationship than about acquisition of bricks and mortar. Their emerging intention isn't this house, it's much more than that, but it would provide a suitable space for their intention to grow.

A lazy morning with mum, gently chatting, switching both of our utility tariffs (saving a combined £1600 per year), hearing stories I'd never heard before, remembering and smiling and looking forward together.

A meal out last night with the engaged couple of lovely lebanese food.

A late lunch out today with Mum, sister and blipped lovely, lovely niece Anna. Anna here runs, or maybe flew into the restaurant and threw herself at me. I see all her energy, and whit and brightness, then gentle withdrawing and quiet before emerging and engaging again and her love of sticky toffee pudding - clearly all genetically coded, her Mum's daughter, her Nanas grandchild her cousins cousin and my niece.

Home now with the same old car and feeling so blessed.

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