A moment of peace

A busy week!! The sons and brother have been in residence. We have walked, eaten (cake and strawberries) drunk , paddled, skimmed, talked, watched dvds and taken loads of blips. Son number 2 is in the middle of touring 14 festivals with the band Slamboree and was knackered! He is their photographer and has taken some amazing images. He arrived hotfoot from Beatherder festival and had to run up a short video and send in some images while he was here. You can see the results here. .
My brother was also in need of a rest as he is in the middle of filming hundreds of episodes of a new children's animated programme called Toby's Travelling Circus and the footage has to be produced extremely fast! Son number 1 has extended his stay and has nicked my car and gone off photographing quays!
An unexpected pleasure today though - TJ and Earthdreamery dropped in for some lunch. They had already climbed a mountain and were planning to go paddling and lift some potatoes before heading off to the airport.
Today's blip was taken during a momen to of quiet - if you biggify you can see a shipwreck on the the water's edge. It's a very peaceful spot with bouncy grass, lots of mud and the eerie cry of the curlew.
A few back blips:
The first broadbean
Annabel's poppies
Boys and their toys
Wild weather

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