Carnival in the Alentejo

Quite a different monument from yesterday, and a good deal more ancient...

These stone circles are everywhere here in the Alentejo - this small circle is on the land of the house we're in. There are a couple of others some way outside this inner circle, so presumably a lot are missing. Can't help wondering where they went - did the Romans break them up for their roads?? Never mind what they were originally used for... I sometimes get a weird feeling around these structures, but felt nothing today, thankfully.

Came into Mora to see another human being, but streets pretty empty, and a funeral in the main church - all a bit depressing, even though it's a holiday for Carnival. The skies are grey and it's drizzling, but we've had a laugh at the Mr Bean Movie, which is on the tele in the café here - not at all sure what the other customers are thinking...

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