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By LifesJourney

Taken to the sky

Anyone would think I was a twitcher as today I ended up at Pennington Marshes. However I find it hard enough telling one bird from the other let alone spotting that one rare variety and so the RSPB identifier comes in incredibly handy. Having compared yesterday I've decided watching woodland birds from inside a hide where the birds come to you are more my thing especially this time of year. Visiting the marshes you have to walk far too far considering my mobility to see anything and most of the time with my lens they're blots on the landscape.

So back to today having parked the car with the sun out it was lovely to take a short wander to the nearest lagoon where a group of male shelducks were playing follow my leader until two of them got bored and every so often chased one another off until they were all back together again and then it would start all over again for the pair. Anyone would of thought there was a lady shelduck around that they were trying to impress but at the time it was just the males. I watched their antics for a while and then with nothing else going on nearby I started to head back to the car when there was a whole raucous and the sky was filled with a few hundred Brent geese who flew around separating into smaller groups before landing in the lagoon.

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