Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Welcoming Committee

As we steered into our dock in a little lull from the rain, I heard these guys —it’s an unmistakable whistle—  so out came the camera.  I’ve never seen 7 black oystercatchers all at once on our rocks.  And I liked the one deciding to get away!  There are 3 species of oystercatcher -I always love seeing those “eurasians” from the UK on blip which have more white on them as does the ‘American” which is mostly seen on the East coast of the USA.   Our Black oystercatcher has feet more adapted to the PNW rocky shores.  Altho a pair bonds for life, it’s not that unusual for a threesome to form with 2 males from what I’ve read.  Maybe that’s why this is 7 and not 6 or 8?    I’m really not a birder, have no idea which is female or male, but I was thrilled to see this set together and silhouetted instead of lost in the seaweed ….so had to blip them even tho’ as a picture, I liked the iPhone photo taken by the ferry of “Yellow” in the extra. (one of those dilemmas.. record the cool event or the photo that appeals)  The other extra is a closer view of the oystercatcher so you can see the distinctive yellow, red rimmed eye.  I do love those birds!

I put this on the map so you can see also how the ferry that leaves from Tsawwassen goes thru American waters to get here......

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