What's in your heart?

Well, it’s Derelict Sunday today but it’s also Valentine’s Day. Immy baked these lovely heart-shaped gingerbread biscuits last night in order to present them to her beau today; he was a fairly ‘derelict valentine’, I’m afraid, having rather overdone it at a party while she was at home baking!
I’m relieved to say that he did come round to the house mid-afternoon, declaring himself ‘better’ and bearing a bunch of hand-picked flowers and a tin of rose-scented Turkish Delight that he had handmade for her yesterday, so all was well.
My own valentine is far away and I seem to be surrounded by ‘derelict’ situations, not much more to be said. I met with a group of friends at Lynley’s café this morning and Gill came along, very upset at having lost their little dog Rufus on Friday night. Her two dogs were almost blipped last month; I’m glad I photographed them when I did – I’ve put them in the extras (Rufus is the one looking upwards).
I posted my 'Derelict' blip on Thursday and don’t think I’m going to get any more blips in the bag today, so am – very unusually, for me! – blipping early. Remember that you can upload your Derelict Sunday blips up until midnight tonight, your local time, and tag them DS17. There are some great ones up already!  I’m looking forward to reviewing all the entries and awarding stars and hearts (I'm afraid they won't be iced gingerbread ones) on Tuesday.
Here’s a Valentine’s Day song for the far-away valentine! 

PS Another strong earthquake in Christchurch this afternoon, followed by aftershocks all afternoon and evening. I hope all blippers and their families down there are safe.

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