By hjarald

Valentine Wine

Lets start today by wishing all my Lady followers a very happy Valentine!

As Valentine hasn't been a Dutch tradition, but only flew over from America less than two decades ago it wasn't easy to find something Dutch to match with my 'Holland Promotion' Delft Blue journal.

Nevertheless I found these special Valentine bottles of wine from a former advertising aquaintence Ilja Gort. This Dutch guy used to be a very succesfull jingle composer in our country till he made a carreer shift by buying Chateau de la Gard in France and started to make pretty good wines called 'La Tulipe' of course referring to the Dutch origine.

I considered typically Ilja to make a special Valentine bottle to honour the occasion.

Note: Ilja also has a lot of humor as he proves with his text on the back of the bottle, just read the exact text here:

La Tulipe / Je t'Aime

Tenderly caressed by the French sun, and lovingly picked by virgins* this seductive and luscious Merlot tickles the taste buds and strokes the senses with its velvetty smoothness.
Gently un-screw, swirl softly around in your glass, and most importantly, make sure you're listening to Serge Gainsbourg... aaaaah, Je t'aime...

* may not be true.

For so far Ilja's own write up on the bottle, including the * asterix text :-)))

Cheers to Valentine!

info: Newdelftblue by Hjarald Agnes

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